We manufacture stainless steel, carbon steel, special alloy pipes, fittings, flanges, and other products. Our products are suitable for use in different environments, such as high and low temperature, medium and high pressure and even corrosive environments, and comprehensively meet standards such as ASME, EN, ISO, DIN and GB.

Procurement service

As your sourcing and project supplier, Jason highly values your procurement and project requirements, and strives to meet highest levels of quality, safety and environmental standards.

Our company has established a strong, extensive and strategic supplier network to help us carry out precision delivery services around the world. Our rich and experienced purchase teams are capable of selecting the best supplier even when faced with several choices, and they can arrange fast shipment for customers.

Inspection and testing

To efficiently provide highest quality products to our customers, our QC inspector along with the customer or an independent third party selected by the customer, will conduct numerous tests (non-destructive) and inspection of materials prior to shipment.

Mechanical tests: tensile strength test, hot yield test, impact test at different temperatures, bending test, flaring test, ring tensile test, ring bending test, ring flaring test, hardness test.

Chemical tests: spectral analysis, positive material identification (PMI) test, corrosive tests.

Non-destructive tests: radiographic inspection, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle examination (MPE) test, dye-penetration control, hydro test, eddy current test.

Warehousing and logistics

Logistics services and inventory management are our two core competencies. Not only do we maintain good inventory of steel pipes, fittings and valves, but we also strive to ensure that these products are sent to the right place, at the right time and in the right manner. To achieve this goal as efficiently as possible, we consistently explore new logistics concepts. Our logistics services include:
Inventory management
Timely delivery
Product packaging
Product labeling

Transportation documents

International transportation is something that we do on a daily basis and is our regular business. We can arrange safe delivery of your products in accordance with your requirements, and we can also prepare necessary clearance documents for you. Furthermore, we are responsible for handling all goods related certificates as well as all necessary clearance documents that you would require.

Technical consultation

We try to respond to any queries from our customers as soon as possible, while we also patiently answer every question and provide targeted solutions to ensure satisfaction. Our personnel are rich in experience, and they are capable of providing customers with market-oriented plans that are cost-effective and benefit-driven, and always in the interests of our customers. To achieve process cost optimization, we provide the following services:
Brand selection
Material specification
Material confirmation
Specification drawings
Other relevant technical information within the scope of our products

Certificate management

We can issue quality inspection certificates in accordance with EN10204 standard for all products provided by our company. These documents show information regarding relevant orders placed by customers. To save time, cost and storage space, we can provide digital and paperless certificates to customers via email, CD-ROM or USB flash drives and promptly deliver them to you.