Corporate culture

With the aim to "improve the Company’s external image and promote professionalism", we at Jason are devoted to developing corporate values.

Corporate values include beliefs, principles and values, which are the foundation and reference for the enterprise management system and employee behavior, and they promote better development of the company.


A successful team is founded on respect and equality. This means that a successful team’s members will respect and value other people's differences, and keep an open mind towards different occupations, gender, nationality, hobbies, behavior, values and so on. It is natural for people to be willing to work in a team only when they feel they are respected.

Willingness to serve others

It is possible to achieve goals and become successful only when team members sincerely support and coordinate with each other. Therefore, it is really necessary to be willing to serve others.


The basis of trust is integrity. Cooperative relationships can only survive under pressure when they are based on integrity.


If we want team work to be constructive and beneficial in future, we should be open to new people or technology, new forms, organizations and communication. Change is eternal. To ensure constant competitiveness in future, we should improve personal and corporate adaptability, seize opportunities brought by changes, leverage them adequately and turn them into profits.

Loyalty & Reliability

In our company, loyalty is embodied in strict implementation of contracts, persistence to agreed schedule, fulfilling commitments, and to always be loyal to our customers and employees.

Courage and willingness to shoulder responsibility

If you want to be honest, open and decisive, and if you want to dare to implement new ideas, you will need enough courage and willingness to shoulder all consequences. Success can only occur when team members display such courage and willingness.

If each and every employee consistently incorporates above-mentioned values in their work life, our company will be able to work efficiently, team work will be optimized and each employee can develop to their maximum potential. On the one hand, this helps improve individual ability, while on the other, it helps the company reach greater heights and improve its performance.

These corporate values continue to be the guidelines for management and staff action and behavior, in establishing corporate cohesion.